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Trick-or-Treating Tips for your Preschooler

Trick-or-treating is a fun and exciting activity for your preschooler. Costumes, props, face paint, and candy can be a child’s dream. Halloween excitement often causes losing focus on staying safe while out and about.  Remember to keep your preschooler safe this Halloween by practicing these trick-or-treating safety tips. preschool halloween tips

  • Carry a flashlight. Especially as it gets later and darker, it gets harder to see and for others to see you. Carrying a flashlight helps avoid tripping and falling on something and also lets cars and other people know you’re there.
  • Make sure your child’s costume isn’t dragging on the ground. Costumes that are too long or loose can cause tripping hazards. Also make sure your child’s costume is lightly colored so they can be seen easier in the dark.
  • Use face paint instead of masks. Masks can impair a child’s ability to see clearly. Causing them to walk out in front of cars, run into something or trip and fall. Non-toxic face paint can give the same look with far less danger.
  • Always give children adult supervision while trick-or-treating. Even sticking to well-lit areas, kids have a high risk for injury. To keep kids as safe as possible, stay in groups with a trusted adult supervising.
  • Stay close to home. Sticking to well-lit areas that are close to home can help your little ones get through the night. Familiar areas are better in case they get lost, and as they get tired, being close to home helps get home faster.

Most importantly, have fun! Dressing up in fun, creative costumes is something children love doing. Adding free candy on top of that makes Halloween a child’s dream come true. Staying safe while participating in the celebrations makes Halloween even better. Remember to go over these safety tips with your kids before heading out this Halloween, and enjoy the holiday!

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