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Our 5-Star Preschool Program

New kindergarten program!

We are now offering a kindergarten program in both Chapel Hill and Durham to provide care for children while public schools are virtual.  Spaces are limited.

Durham kindergarten – 919-806-1900

Chapel Hill kindergarten – 919-240-5254

Children’s Campus is a place where children thrive in the best possible learning environment, while receiving loving, attentive care.
North Carolina Preschool Programs

Feed a Child’s Mind and Watch It Grow

Play is at the heart of our preschool curriculum. Our program incorporates an abundance of enriching daily activities and experiences designed to be stimulating and fun, while reinforcing the learning curriculum. Teachers also develop individual goals so that every child receives the attention, challenges, and guidance he/she needs to be successful.

Each Day Begins with Circle Time

We start each day with Circle Time, a group gathering in which we greet one another and introduce the topic and plans for the day. The children are encouraged to share their ideas and ask questions. Circle activities are designed to create a sense of community, stimulate thinking, enhance social skills, build self-esteem and expand each child’s attention span.

Encouraging Active Minds and Bodies

Every classroom consists of ten diverse learning centers designed to stimulate the physical and educational growth of early childhood. Once Circle Time is complete, teachers and staff engage the class (both as a group and one-on-one) in various learning center activities:

  • Language Center
  • Art Space
  • Music Center
  • Blocks
  • Sand/Water Play Area
  • Dramatic Play
  • Nature/Science Center
  • Math Center
  • Manipulatives/Fine-Motor Skills
  • Sports & Movement

Additional Curriculum Programs

We go above and beyond to provide each child with learning opportunities beyond the standard preschool experience. Our multi-cultural program provides a window to other cultures of the world, using food, books, toys and themed activities. We offer Spanish classes weekly for children ages two to five. Children three to five years old will have the opportunity to explore computer science daily. The Open Court Reading is offered in our pre-kindergarten classes to teach phonics and enhance our whole language curriculum. These are just a few of the ways that we encourage children to expand their horizons.

Mealtimes are Fun and Healthy

Good nutrition is essential to a child’s physical and cognitive development. Our little ones enjoy healthy lunches consisting of a meat or meat substitute, bread or grain, a vegetable, fresh fruit and milk. Healthy snacks are served in the morning and afternoon. Snacks include a bread/grain and one of the following: cheese, fresh fruit, or fresh vegetable.

Let Us Show You Around!

The best way to get to know Children’s Campus is to experience us first hand! We invite you and your child to visit us for a personal tour. Once you experience our modern facilities, the loving, nurturing environment, and our highly successful curriculum in action, you’ll understand why we’ve earned the reputation as one of the area’s most trusted and respected preschool learning institutions.