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Testimonials from our Parents

The teachers at Children's Campus took the time to get to know my child and they provide a high quality program. They went beyond our expectations and we are very happy!

A Happy Parent, Chapel Hill, NC

We have found Children's Campus to be such a wonderful place for our children and family. I love how creative the teachers and staff are and how they bring about a real sense of community.

Leslie Parkins, Mom of two, Southpoint

My wife and I have worked full time since the birth of our first daughter Chloe in 2006. After trying other daycare options, we were fortunate to enroll her at the Children's Campus-Southpoint. Choloe started with Ms. Sandra in Room 1 and we have not looked back since. Our second daughter, Leah, also attended starting in 2009.

We have always felt extremely fortunate to have the outstanding teachers at Children's Campus as our child care providers. The educational activities they have provided are extremely effective at preparing the children for primary school. Chloe could read at a basic level when she graduated from the pre-K program. They provided healthy snacks and meals that our children enjoyed and the facilities are always clean and safe. We have boxes of drawings, paintings, and crafts that our daughters have made while participating in the numerous creative activities.

The most critical issue for my wife and I was the emotional connection that our children formed with their teachers. As an excellent sign of stability, many of these teachers are still present almost seven years after Chloe first started. Ms. Sandra is absolutely amazing in the baby room and took wonderful care of both of our daughters. Chole still talks about her time with Ms. Lisa, Ms. Terry, Ms. Alicia, and Ms. Diane. Leah really connected with Ms. Corey, Ms. Adrienne, and Ms. Tameka. Ms. Amy provides a clear stream of communication and always stands ready to help and listen. Overall, the teachers offered a caring and well-organized childcare environment that did a fantastic job taking care of our children.

My wife and I are without reservation in recommending the Children's Campus-Southpoint to anyone considering day care in the area. We are happy to talk with anyone that has questions and can b e contacted using the information provided below.

The Newbern Family, Southpoint

The Children's Campus opened the Summer of 2005, and I was one of the fortunate parents to claim a coveted spot. It was love at first visit. I was a new mom and this was going to by my baby's first daycare. I was nervous and excited for the opportunity. Fast forward to present 2013 and I am still the biggest fan. Both my children have now been fortunate to grow, explore, learn, and be loved by this wonderful center.

Thank you for providing a safe, nurturing and wonderful environment for my children. Thank you for loving them as your own. And, thank you for creating a place that makes learning fun.

Thank you to Mr. John - "The Cooker" (as my four year old will say) for providing nurturing meals that apparently I can't top at home. "No, I want Mr. John's soup" is a common complaint at my house. That is okay because that means my child is eating during the day.

Great staff, great teachers, great support, great place!

Dona Aguayo, Parent of two, Southpoint

All three of my children have received wonderful care at Children's Campus - first at Southpoint (Durham) and then in Chapel Hill.

Going back to work early in an Infant's life is always tough but it has been so much easier knowing my babies have been truly loved. Leaving my youngest little girl was as close to stress free as I could imagine, almost like leaving her with family!

... I know that everyone at the schools, from the administrators to the teachers to the wonderful Cook, is truly invested in my children - looking out for their welfare!

Kym Hunter, mother of three, Chapel Hill

We feel very fortunate to be part of the caring environment at Children's Campus at Southpoint. The hours are generous for parents who work outside the home and the flexible drop-off and pick-up times are convenient for those that work from home. Chef John prepares delicious and healthy meals and snacks and saves me from agonizing over packing a lunch every morning. The pre-k program prepared our oldest for a successful year of Kindergarten as well as a stress-free transition. From the 5-star educators to the friendly community we could not be happier with our decision to entrust CC with the care of our children.

Erica L, Southpoint

I've had 3 children at Children's Campus at Southpoint, from infancy through pre-k, and my favorite thing is that these teachers really love their kids. If you take a tour, you'll see how clean and well organized it is, and they'll describe the great educational programs and tools and activities that they have. The reason we sent all 3 kids there, though, is that we know that the teachers care about our children as individuals - they know them, they pay attention to how they're doing, and our kids love the teachers back. It's wonderful.

Andy E, Southpoint

Both of my kids went here and we loved it. The teachers were kind and engaging. I really felt like my kids were cared for and loved for the unique individuals they are. Also, they were both more than ready for kindergarten when they left. The Children's Campus made learning fun and the whole staff felt like family. Years later we still feel like it is a second home and still like to come and visit the wonderful teachers and administrators.

Inna S, Chapel Hill