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Enrollment at Children's Campus

The first step in choosing the right preschool for your child is to take a personally guided tour of the facility, to observe the classrooms and teacher-child interactions, and to meet the director. Prospective parents should call the school for an appointment.

If openings are available, parents interested in enrolling their child at Children’s Campus will complete a Child Care Agreement. This Agreement indicates the agreed upon date of enrollment. Parents will also need to pay a non-refundable application fee. Upon receipt of the application fee and Agreement, your date of enrollment is guaranteed.

Other forms needed by the child’s start date include:

  • Child’s Preschool Application
  • Children’s Medical Report (with immunizations)
  • Discipline and Behavior Management Policy
  • Travel and Activity Authorization
  • Handbook Acknowledgment Form

Children’s Campus invites newly enrolled children and parents to visit the classroom one morning prior to the child’s first day of school. This is a valuable way for the parent and child to participate in the program and to become familiar with the new setting.

If there are no openings at the time of the visit, we invite parents to place their child’s name on our waiting list at no cost. We will call you when a space becomes available.

Child Care Agreement Form

Complete the Child Care Agreement along with a non-refundable, enrollment fee to confirm registration.

Child Care Agreement Form

Children’s Campus Preschool Application Form

Complete the Children’s Campus preschool application form prior to first day of attendance.

Children’s Campus Child Application

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