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Transitioning Your Preschooler to Kindergarten

We hate to see our preschoolers leave Children’s Campus, but we work hard to prepare them for the transition to Kindergarten from our preschool. Kindergarten is a big step for a 5-year-old, and can cause some fear and anxiety. Try these tips at home to help them make the transition for preschool to Kindergarten smooth and easy. kindergarten transition

1. Meet Your Teacher – Just like Pre-K program, your child’s elementary school will have a “Meet the Teacher” day. Stop by the school and let your child meet their teacher, see their classroom, find their desk and cubby, and maybe meet some of the kids that will be in their class. On the first day of school, they will already know who their teacher is and where their stuff goes.

2. Establish a Routine – Before the first day of Kindergarten, come up with a routine to make the day run smoother. Talk about lunch time, whether your child will bring their lunch from home or buy it there, where you will pick-up and drop off your child every day, what time you need to wake up and leave the house in the morning. Your routine will come naturally in no time at all.

3. Answer Their Questions – Kids are curious, we all know this. They’ll have questions about Kindergarten. Answer their questions honestly, but try to put a positive spin on things. Answering with uncertainty or negativity can make transitioning to Kindergarten even more stressful for them. When your preschooler can sense that you are comfortable with something, they will naturally be more comfortable with it as well.

4. Read Books About Kindergarten – Reading books about Kindergarten are a good way to help them see that all kids go to Kindergarten, and it isn’t, in fact, scary. Ask our staff, or the school librarian for some suggestions.

5. Send Special Needs Information – Before school starts, send any allergies or special needs your child has over to the school nurse or teacher. Knowing ahead of time can help them prepare for any instances and can minimize distress for all parties involved in the event of an incident. Knowing your child can be properly cared for will help eliminate parental stress than can be passed down to your child, causing them stress.

6. Don’t Cry – Ok, Parents, we know it’s hard to believe that your baby is growing up and in Kindergarten, but don’t cry on their first day. Well, not in front of them, at least.  Wait until they are gone to cry, of course! Kids can get scared when they see their parent cry. Reassure them that you’ll see them at “X-Time” when you pick them up. Make the good-bye as positive as possible, and cry later.

Our 5-star Preschools in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Greenville work every day to have your preschoolers Kindergarten ready. Our curriculum is designed to prepare your child socially, emotionally, and cognitively for school.

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