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Springtime Outdoor Activities for Kids

As winter melts away, kids will be spending more and more time outside. Playing outdoors is a great way for kids to burn off energy and get exercise while having fun. There are a lot of fun activities that you and your preschoolers can do together to enjoy the sunshine.


  • Make Homemade Birdfeeders – Gather up pinecones and spread peanut butter all over them. Roll the pinecones in bird seed. Tie the birdfeeders to a tree and watch the different kinds of birds who come for a snack.
  • Sponge Bullseye – Draw a target with sidewalk chalk in the driveway and assign different point values for each circle. Let kids stand behind a line and toss a wet sponge into the circles. You can assign teams to help practice teamwork skills when adding up points.
  • Squirt Gun Painting – Hang up pieces of watercolor paper outside, or lay them in the grass or driveway. Fill up squirt guns with liquid watercolor paint and let kids aim and fire at the paper. Let the paintings dry when finished and let the kids keep their water gun masterpiece.
  • Backyard Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of different items you find outside. Give it to your toddler and send them out to the backyard or the park to find these different spring time items. They can find certain things like a green leaf, or a flower.

Outdoor activities can be a lot of fun and keep toddlers entertained for hours. Before sending your little ones outside, make sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather. Be sure an adult supervises outdoor activities, and enjoy being outside!

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