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Simple and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

healthy preschool breakfastsTrying to get breakfast in your child is challenging enough at times. But trying to combine getting your preschooler off to daycare or preschool + a picky eater + ensuring breakfast is healthy can seem like an impossible task! Here are a few tips and recipes that might make everyone’s belly full and day start bright:

Make it fun!

Who says something so routine such as meal times can’t be fun? Giving your toddler toast and a banana with milk for breakfast? Draw a smiley face on the banana and let your child peel it (added bonus: it’s a great fine motor activity!). Turn their milk blue one day (just a dab of food coloring will go a long way). Cut their toast in the shape of … anything! Be silly with it and they’ll be excited to chow down.

Break out of the old standard!

Get creative. If it’s healthy… who says it has to be eaten at a certain time of day. Peanut butter toast (or peanut butter substitute) is a popular and healthy breakfast. There’s no added nutritional benefit to the bread being toasted. Therefore… why not a PBJ for breakfast with a glass of milk? Make it a smoothie (you can even call it a “breakfast milkshake”). Children can sip on it at the house and even on the way to school to buy you some more time.

Give them an option!

Children love options. They feel like “big kids” when they get to choose. So give them a choice for breakfast. (Hint: make the choices 2 choices that you honestly don’t care which they pick!). Ask your child if he/she would rather have the strawberry or banana smoothie; the oatmeal or the cheese toast; etc. If either option is just as healthy and just as easy for you… let your child choose. They will feel empowered by making the decision and eat better.

Banana Breakfast Smoothie
½ cup milk
½ cup crushed ice
1 cup favorite yogurt (can be plain or flavored)
1 Medium frozen banana
¼ to ½ cup of additional fruit

Blend ingredients until consistency is thick but can be sipped through a straw.

Bagel Gone Bananas
1 mini bagel
Peanut Butter (or substitute such as Sun Flower Seed Butter, Soy Nut Butter, Almond Butter, etc.)
1 Small Banana cut into slices
Spread the peanut butter or substitute on bagel halves and then top with banana slices.

Breakfast Banana Pops
Bananas (or try with strawberries)
Favorite Yogurt
Granola (or crushed cereal)
Add on ideas: raisins, cinnamon, etc.
Popsicle sticks

Pour granola into a very shallow dish or plate. Peel bananas, cut in half, and insert popsicle sticks. Dip into yogurt (or coat with a knife), then roll into granola and add-ons. (I stuck the chips on by hand, after rolling in the granola.) Place on a parchment or wax-lined tray and freeze. Keep uneaten pops in the freezer.

Breakfast Burrito Bites
Whole wheat tortilla shell
Cooked egg
Shredded cheese
Any other favorite ingredients

Cook egg and add that to the tortilla along with cheese and any other favorite ingredients. Roll tortilla and serve like a whole burrito or cut into bites.

Alternative: Yogurt with favorite fruit slices. Add to tortilla and cut into bites.

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