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Dressing Your Preschooler for Spring

dressing-kids-for-springSpring time weather is upon us. The mornings can be chilly and the afternoons can be warm and sunny. Dressing your preschooler for the day can be tricky. They need to be warm in the morning, but cool in the afternoons. So here are some things to try to keep your toddler comfortable for whatever weather spring time brings.

Layering a great way to keep warm in the morning and peel layers off as it gets warmer. Starting with a lightweight cotton t-shirt, shorts, and cotton socks. You can put sweat pants over their shorts, and long sleeved shirts or sweaters over their t-shirts. As the sun warms up, and preschoolers run around outside, they can become hot. As they warm up, they can peel off layers until they are comfortable.

Make sure that base layers are comfy and durable. Lightweight cotton is good for underwear, socks, and t-shirts. Cotton is soft and can move with your preschooler as they run and jump and twirl all around, so they won’t be itchy or uncomfortable. Your little ones will find a way to rip and stain almost everything, but typically, cotton is pretty durable, and easy to throw in the washing machine with some bleach or stain remover.

Any accessories you add to your child’s outfit should also be considered when getting dressed in the morning. Shoes should be lightweight, but durable and comfortable. Hats and jackets should also be able to be easily removable, and appropriate for the weather. Your child’s preschool teacher should be able to advise you on how much outdoor activity your preschooler will be participating in.

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