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10 Indoor Winter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Winter can bring many days of being stuck inside.  The weather is either too cold or too wet to allow for lots of outdoor play.  Here are some ideas to keep your Toddler entertained and your sanity intact!


  • Build a Fort – Remember when you were a kid and the couch cushions and a bunch of blankets would entertain you for an entire afternoon? Have you done with your Preschooler yet?  Let the build one and keep it up all day!  Be fun and let them have books and even lunch in there… you’ll be surprised how quiet they’ll be!
  • Indoor Ice Skating – All you need is wax paper, rubber bands, and carpet. (Be sure to move all the furniture to avoid those boo-boos).
  • Get in the Kitchen – Who says the Holidays are the only time for cookies?! You can bake some goodies to get you through those long days.  And why not prep some meals for those nights you don’t feel like cooking dinner?  Put together a lasagna or casserole.  Your Preschooler can help. Let them add ingredients, stir, mix – they just like the idea of being your sous chef!
  • Build an Indoor Snowman – A bag of cotton balls and some paper & glue or sticky Contact Paper or glue and you’re all set! Bonus: This one won’t melt!
  • Make a Snow Mobile – Toddlers love BOXES. Do you have any big cardboard boxes left over from the Holidays?  Give them art supplies to let them decorate it (crayons, stickers, even glue and tin foil to make it shiny!) and they’ll make their own Snow Mobile and have fun in it all throughout the living room!
  • Treasure Hunt – During naptime hide various things throughout the house. Maybe stuffed animals or even something as silly and common as the coasters that sit on the table.  Go on a hunt!
  • Indoor Bowling – Set up water bottles in a pattern and let your Preschooler go bowling. How many are knocked down?  Turn it into a math game and help them count the number still standing!
  • Make Ice and then Paint with It – You’ll need ice cube trays. Scoop up some snow (or just fill with water) and drop various colors of food coloring in it.  Then – you let them paint with it!  (Hint: the bathtub is a great place!  No mess!)
  • Flashlight Fun – Children loves flashlights. Go in a dark room and draw pictures with your flashlight on the walls.  Have 2 flashlights?  Double the fun and copycat one another.
  • Maze FUN – Make your own maze. Use anything you can have your child walk or even crawl through it.  Change it up as often as you’d like.  They’ll be busy for hours!   <AB>

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