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Tips for Traveling With Preschoolers

Summer is the key time for family vacations .. trips to the beach, to see Grandparents, or even fun new destinations! While vacations are all about relaxing and enjoying some good, quality time with your loved ones, traveling with preschoolers can be a bit difficult at times. But that is no reason to skip out on that awesome beach trip of the summer. Try these tips to making traveling with your children easier.

road trip 3

Don’t expect to move too far too fast. Traveling with kids often means moving at a slower pace than usual, so plan accordingly.  This might mean leaving for the airport an hour earlier, or expecting more pit stops on a long road trip. If you’re making a game plan, be realistic about how many places you actually get to go with your little ones along.

Pack plenty of toys and activities. Whether you’re flying or driving, your toddlers will get restless and fussy if they aren’t engaged. Let them pack a backpack of their favorite toys and books, or pack an iPad for them play with. Activities can serve as a distraction from how long the trip actually takes.  Do they have a favorite toy?  Make it disappear about a a week or two before the trip.  Then when you pull it out it’ll be exciting.  Or, hit up the dollar section and snag a few new things.  Even a new coloring book is exciting for a car trip.  Want a secret on a low cost activity that will keep them busy for hours?  Pipe cleaners!  Give your preschooler pipe cleaners and she’ll make shapes, letters, people, and all kinds of other imaginative creations for miles and miles!

Think ahead. This one is big. Start planning everything you’ll need to pack, way in advance. Think about what you will need in order to stay overnight in a hotel. Don’t forget medicines, snacks, diapers, sippy cups, clothes, a lovey, and anything else you may need to have a peaceful overnight stay. Do you need to portable bed? A stroller? Do you have enough room for everything? No one wants to get to the hotel just to realize you forgot something important at home. Take your time, and think ahead!

Especially when traveling with infants and toddlers, always have an extra change of clothes that is easily accessible. And pack them in a ziploc bag.  If you’re needing to change the clothes then you’ll want something to put the soiled ones in.  Babies and young children are prone to spill or have accidents, and long trips or new circumstances can make them more likely to have accidents. Keeping a change of clothes out of the suitcase for such incidents will alleviate mom and dad unpacking the entire trunk to get to that one suitcase.

As long as you plan carefully and take your time, traveling with children can be a great experience. Each trip gets a little easier than the last, and vacations can be some of your child’s best childhood memories. Be sure to take plenty of pictures!

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