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Teaching Your Preschooler How to Write

Kids are always eager to learn new things and try things that mom and dad are doing. They see you scribbling down a note on paper and they want to learn how to write too. By the time your little ones reach preschool, they are already starting to understand the concept of numbers and letters. They probably already have some experience with writing instruments like crayons, markers, and pens which helps them with learning how to write.

Teaching Preschoolers how to write

Coloring, drawing, and scribbling all help your preschooler’s hand muscles develop. The stronger their little hands get, the better control they have while tracing the curves of the letters. Practice drawing circles, squares, lines, and other shapes of different sizes. The repetition of curves and lines helps the transition to drawing letters.

Introduce your toddler to their name. Around the preschool age, children have learned that they are individuals and their names are special to them. Show them the letters in their name and start paying close attention to those letters in other books, shows, or other places. Write out their name for them and let them start tracing the letters. Soon, they’ll come to recognize their names and being able to write it all be themselves.

Kids can often confuse certain letters with others. Start out with easier letters and work your way towards the more difficult ones. Straight letters are easier than letters with curves. E, F, H, I, L, T are a few good letters to practice first. The move to letters with curves, and end with the diagonals.

Your child will get frustrated, but repetition is key when preschoolers are learning how to write. Remember to keep a positive attitude and praise their efforts. Learning is a process. Enrolling your child in a preschool can help to expedite the writing process.

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