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Secrets of Your Child’s Amazing Preschool Teacher

A child will bond with his/her preschool teacher on a level that’s pretty remarkable to watch evolve.  They talk about their teachers outside of school; they are the number one person your preschooler wants to show their new spider man shirt or Elsa shoes to; they even beg for them come “play at my house.”  It goes both ways, though!  The teacher connects with your little one in a manner that only they can.  They can tell you about your child’s individual learning style; personality traits; and even know how to defuse that almost meltdown of your sweet toddler!

Here are 21 secrets to your child’s remarkable Preschool Teacher that may or may not surprise you!

preschool teacher

  1. They will put your child and 23 of his very busy friends into a routine quicker than you can get through bath time!
  2. A sticker from the teacher is a bigger reward than ANYTHING you have in your purse or pocket.
  3. They can wing it for any item you pull out of the floorboard in the back of the car to make Show & Share Time super successful when it’s drop off and you’ve just realized you’ve forgotten it for your Preschooler. If it’s an object… they can make it work!
  4. There’s a song for everything. If it’s something they need your toddler to do – they have put it into a song!
  5. They do not appreciate a pretty button. Especially if there’s 14 of them on an outfit that your child is wearing that needs to be undone when your child is potty-training.
  6. They have high expectations of your child and trust their ability sooner than you will with the next challenge. They know your child.  They only want success.
  7. They wash their hands more often than nurses and doctors.
  8. They are just as excited to see Mac & Cheese on the menu as your child that day!
  9. When they hug your Toddler good morning and smile big and say they’ve missed him … they mean it.
  10. Like you, they also hide the “favorite” book because they can’t bare to disappoint the children but the thought of reading it one more time might just end the day right there.
  11. They get silly… very silly… quite a lot during their day. It’s the best part of the job!
  12. They do more squats to tie shoes on any given day than an aerobics instructor!
  13. They can tag-team to potty-train a class of 16 two year olds in a manner that’s nothing short of extraordinary.
  14. The same “aww factor” goes for getting those children to sleep all at one time five days a week when you fight for 3 hours on the weekend to get a 20 minute nap in.
  15. In the moment the monthly fire drill is pulled they simultaneously and collectively think ugly thoughts about their Director because it’s never a good time… but would do anything in their power to keep your child healthy and safe.
  16. During Show & Share Time… your child often “shares”. But the teachers will smile at you at pick-up and never ever ever let on. 🙂
  17. They are just as tired of “Let it Go” as you are.
  18. When your child graduates and leaves their class and moves up to the next one… they worry and check on them more often than you do that first week!
  19. They can change a diaper of one Toddler, ward off a meltdown of another, and get six others to get their coats out of their cubbies to prepare to go outside. All at the same time.  All in a song.
  20. In their off time – they forget they are not being a teacher and use phrases such as “I’m going to the potty” even though they can use adult language.
  21. There really is no “off-time” … they are always teachers!

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