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The Importance of Reading to Your Toddler

As a parent, you want to make sure your child is on track with other kids their age, and that they reach their full potential. Something as simple as reading to your infant, toddler, or preschooler can benefit them in some pretty important ways. Check out some of the benefits reading out loud with your child can do! Durham-preschool-reading

Teach Basic Speech Skills – As your toddlers are learning new words and language skills, reading can help to learn new words and sounds. Toddlers may start out by flipping through books and babbling and “pretend reading.” Pretend reading is an important literacy skill and can put them on the right track for reading. By the time they reach preschool, they usually start sounding out words on their own.

Improve Logical Thinking – Reading can help children improve their ability to grasp concepts. Through books, they learn to recognize cause and effect, and how to apply logic to situations. Preschoolers can start to relate to characters and situations in the stories, which make them even more excited to read.

Excel Academics – Children who read out loud with their parents have shown better academic performance starting at an early age. Preschoolers who have been exposed to reading are more likely to excel in other areas of formal education, and perform better on tests than those who haven’t been exposed to reading.

Form a Stronger Bond with the Parent – In the busy lives of toddlers and preschoolers, reading will become an activity that lets you both slow down and enjoy time together. Cuddling up with a book together is the perfect way to end a day and prepare for bed. Reading then becomes an enjoyable and nurturing activity rather than a chore for your little ones.

Our preschools think that reading every day is extremely important for the development of your toddlers. We use books every day in our preschool curriculum to learn about culture, emotions, consequences, and just for the enjoyment of reading. We encourage all of our parents to read at home with their child. We are even happy to offer book suggestions!

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