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Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Preschool

Preschool childrenChoosing to enroll your child in a Preschool program is a big decision no matter the age.  Some children are in a daycare as Infants while others start Preschool at age two, three, or four years old.                                 Families are choosing this option out of necessity or simply for the long-term benefits early education can provide.  Kindergarten preparedness starts long before the age of 5 and a solid Preschool education can give your child the tools he will need to thrive in school.   Children need to know more than their ABC’s to be successful in Kindergarten.    They need to be comfortable with basic routines, transitions, self-direction.  While independent work habits are also encouraged, proper socialization is something that is crucial to a positive experience in school.  This article from Greatschools.org provides 10 reasons Preschool is the RIGHT choice for your family.


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