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From the Mouths of Babes: What is LOVE?

For Valentine’s Day Children’s Campus asked our Three and Four Year Olds a simple question: What is LOVE?  The answers, of course, range from the very sweet to the category of T.M.I.:



“Love is when Mommy kisses me Goodnight.”  Mason, age 4

“Hugs and Kisses… I give them to who I love.” Evan, age 4

“It’s when my Daddy gives me Animal Crackers and Mommy doesn’t know it.” Ryan, age 3

“Love is when you love THIS BIG!” Remy, age 4

“I know my teacher loves me because she teaches me but doesn’t make me listen to her story.” Brandon Paul, age 4

“Love is when ANYONE gives someone candy!” Jasmine, age 4

 “Daddy gives mommy roses from Harris Teeter when he loves her…. I think that’s why he buys them??” Christopher, age 4

Daddy loves Mommy because he brings her things from the store.” Layla, age 4

“Mommy loves because she kisses Daddy… A LOT!” Harper, age 3

“Love is when Mommy helps Daddy cook because he can’t.” Aeneas, age 4

“It’s when my brother shares his bear with me.” Finley, age 4

“…it’s when my Daddy hugs me big.  He squeezes me extra hard so I know it’s big extra love!” Kat, age 4

“Daddy loves mommy when he gives her a necklace she asked him to buy her.” Riess, age 3

“I love dinosaurs most but I don’t know anything else about love.“  London, age 4

 “I know my friend loves me because she shares her toys with me…but [my teacher] made her do it so I dunno if that is LOVE.” Josephine, age 4

You know someone loves you when their heart comes out.” Taylor, age 4

“[Ms. Amy], why do you want to know about LOVE? Why do you not know about LOVE?  Why are you asking me this question…?”  Brady, age 4

“…Mommy lets me have cake after I get on my pajamas!” Solomon, age 4

 “That’s easy. It’s when you get married.” Gabriella, age 4

“…When my Daddy takes me places for ice cream.”  Yuto, age 4

“When Mommy buys me something in the Dollar section at Target.” Tylisa, age 4

“It’s when he licks my face and shakes his butt like this…” Isabella, age 4(referring to her dog!)

“It’s Valentine’s Day.  That’s it.” Davis, age 4

“Daddy loves Mommy because he does all her jobs for her.” Liam, age 4

“Mommy says it’s when she makes me eat my vegetables with my chicken?” AJ, age 4

Love means you get to be happy all the time.” A’vyon, age 4

“’[Ms. Amy}, I have a Spider Man bedroom…wanna see it?!” Melbourne, age 4

Um… I dunno.  I’ll ask my Mommy.  She knows EVERYTHING!”  Cora, age 4

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