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Fire Safety Tips for Preschoolers

It seems like such an “it will never happen to me” scenario but October is Fire Prevention Month and a great time to prepare your Preschooler with these Fire Safety Tips:

fire safety for kids

Be Proactive

  • Ensure all of your electrical outlets are in good working condition with no loose or frayed cords.
  • Don’t overload your outlets with too many electronics. Even something as simple as a bottle warmer for an Infant can spark a fire.
  • NEVER leave a dryer running if you’re not home. All those messes toddlers make can mean lots of laundry but save the drying for when you’re at home.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance on large appliances such as dyers or air conditioner units.
  • Never put a blanket or article of clothing over a lamp. Invest in a good night light for your preschooler if the room is too dark but don’t create your own with fabric over a lamp.
  • Don’t run electrical wires under Find an alternative to hiding your cords.
  • Test your smoke detector regularly and schedule battery changes to ensure they are always in tip top shape.

Be Prepared

  • Have an escape plan for your family.
    • Set up a meeting place away from your house so no one wonders if anyone is still inside.
    • Determine outlets to every room in the house.
    • Teach your preschooler to crawl on the floor if there’s smoke.
  • Children as young as two, three, or four years old can be taught how to call 9-1-1.
  • Work with your child on knowing his/her address.
  • Teach your child NEVER to hide from the fireman. They can look scary to a young child when dressed in all of their protective gear. Take your child to the local fire department and ask them to show your little one what they look like with all of their equipment on so your child knows ahead of time and won’t instinctively hide.

Be Safe

  • Don’t take chances. A small flame can spread in less than 30 seconds.  If it looks like something is getting out of control then implement your escape plan.
  • Try your best to stay calm so your child doesn’t panic. Little children will react based on your reaction.
  • Don’t forget the four words that we’ve heard since we were little children: STOP…DROP… AND ROLL! If your clothing catches on fire then act fast!

These tips and many more will be presented to our preschoolers at our Durham, Chapel Hill, and Greenville schools during our Annual Fire Safety Week to educate them on how they can play a key roll in keeping their family safe.


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