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Children’s Campus Celebrates Earth Day!

April 22nd signifies an important day; Earth Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate the planet we call home. At Children’s Campus, we believe that teaching preschoolers about Earth Day at an early age is important. Our teachers love planning special Earth Day activities every year to celebrate our planet in a fun and exciting way. This year, our preschoolers celebrated Earth Day with special crafts and activities that bring awareness to how important it is to take care of our home.Childrens-campus-earth-day

Recycling and Painting

We focused this year’s Earth Day celebration around recycling and reusing materials. We were lucky enough to have the Scrap Exchange come and help our preschoolers with a Make & Take art project made from recycled materials. Our classes took recycled materials like toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and other items from local businesses and used them to paint. We let kids experience firsthand how reusing materials can be fun.

Preschool Garden

Each of our Children’s Campus locations have beautiful outdoor gardens to enhance children’s learning through discovery. One of the Pre-K classrooms at Children’s Campus planted a tree while another classroom planted seeds. All the classrooms are working on gardens and preparing them for planting. Soil, flowers, and vegetables for the gardens have been donated by the families.

Celebrating Earth Day at our child care centers was something we enjoy as much as our preschoolers. See pictures of our Earth Day celebration on our Facebook page. Remember to encourage them to recycle and keep our Earth clean every day.

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