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Challenging Behaviors of OTHER Children

All parents are familiar with their child coming home with stories of other children misbehaving in their classroom.  Possibly even you’ve witnessed some of these behaviors yourself when picking your child up from school or volunteering in the classroom.   As parents we try to encourage our children to befriend all childrenignore the behaviorsdon’t take it personallybe empathetic and or helpful.   And while you to try to capitalize on these teachable moments, you also can’t understand why the conduct continues to be tolerated.  After all, it is disruptive.  It is affecting your child’s learning environment.  It is influential on your child.  It is, in short, unacceptable in your opinion.

child in class misbehaving2All of these concerns are valid and even warranted.  However, at times we need to humble ourselves enough to not assume there is “nothing being done to manage the other child”.   Contrary, there is often a back story that out of respect of the family you are not privy to.  What the teacher wants to tell you – she can’t.  What the teacher wishes you knew could possibly turn your frustration into compassion. And, what the teacher can’t share – wouldn’t dare share – may allow you to have a different view on your own tolerance of the other child.

This letter, titled Dear Parent: About THAT kid, was written from a teacher to her families appearing first on the website www.missnightmutters.com It has been shared via email and social media thousands of times.  A good reminder to be appreciative sometimes that your child is not THAT child.  Dear Parent: About THAT kid

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