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Car Seat Safety

When it comes to precious cargo, nothing is quite as important as the safety of your kids. Infants and children who sit in car seats are especially at risk if their car seats are the wrong type or not installed properly. Death and injury to children caused by car-related accidents can be decreased by over 70% with the correct use of car seats and toddler seats. Make sure your precious cargo stays safe in the car with these car seat safety tips.infant-carseat-safety

Be sure you are using the right type of infant or car seat for your child. Newborns and infants should always sit in rear-facing car seats. Infant seats are rear-only facing carriers that click into a base, designed for newborns and small babies. Once babies get to be about 8 or 9 months old, they can usually switch to a convertible car seat that faces the rear. When children reach the weight and height requirements, they can be switched to an all-in-one car or convertible seat that faces the front.

Always install your child’s car seat in the back seat, where it is safest. The back seat keeps them away from airbags that could harm them in the event of a crash. Placing your child’s car seat in the center back seat rather than one of the back seats near the doors can help minimize injury in the event of an accident. If you have more than one car seat, the center seat may not be an option.

Once you have your child’s car seat installed, get it inspected. Each city or county has certified car seat inspection spots. Sometimes your local hospital or fire station will inspect your car seat installation for free.

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